NEW* Ecclesias Extracts dual-condensing 50L Rotovap

NEW* Ecclesias Extracts dual-condensing 50L Rotovap


A Rotary Evaporator or “Roto” is an essential device used in laboratories for the efficient and gentle removal of solvents from solutions by evaporation. Ecclesias Extracts Dual Condensing Roto was uniquely designed to DOUBLE the number of condensing columns, thus increasing the cooling surface area by 100%. A vacuum pump is used with the Roto which brings the boiling point of the solvent lower, meanwhile the Round Bottom distilling flask is rotated allowing the solution within to be spread out and have a greater surface area as well. In total, this all aids in a more expedited solvent recovery time from the unit, Increasing production turn around.

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Our Rotary Evaporators come with all PTFE valves for solvent-resistant operations. They

come standard with vertical glassware and digital temperature/rotation controllers. The optimal

bath volume allows for rapid heat-up times. The condenser units are specially designed glass

tubes that utilize surface area extremely efficiently. That’s why our rotary evaporators

consistently deliver reliable and reproducible process results that are typically reserved for more

costly systems.

Another important aspect of the rotary evaporator is the safety features, which includes dry-run

protection, water bath over-temperature shut-off protection, and fuse protection.