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Rotary Evaporator: Assembly and Basic Operation

Offered the 3rd Saturday of each month


In this class we will walk you through the assembly and basic operations of the rotary evaporator. Classes will be taught on a table top 5L rotary evaporator but all of the knowledge, method and parts translate to systems as large as 50 Liters in size. These systems are the ideal choice for lab scale to small production solvent recovery processes. Learn not only how to operate and assemble the machine but also about the different styles and options in equipment that are out there and how they differ from one another.




• Anatomy of a Rotary Evaporator
• Mode of action, common ratios and efficiencies
• Assembly strategy, parts inventory
• Loading/unloading the rotary evaporator
• Understanding solvent properties in recovery

• Automation and optimization strategies
• Safety concerns, mitigation strategies
• Cleaning and maintenance requirements
• Safely manage recycled solvents, wastes
• Understand heat transfer coefficients


Time commitment and scheduling

This class session is 4 hours of lab instruction, with a short break. Our classes are primarily observation and instructional classes staged in a working lab environment. Classes are limited to four participants per session and we are limited in how many sessions we can host so please plan ahead to ensure that your preferred time-slot and date is available.


Prepare for your class

Plan to eat a good meal before the class and set aside mental space to be able to learn and absorb the work that we go through. We will cover a lot of ground and some preliminary study of the course material, although not required, can be beneficial in achieving a thorough understanding of the subject material.



All SOP(s), personal protective equipment, lab supplies, consumables, and required materials will be provided for the class by Ecclesias Extracts.

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Cancellations placed 7 days or more before the class session are eligible for a full refund or credit. Cancellations placed 48 hours before the class session will be assessed a 15% cancellation fee. Cancellations made within 48 hours of the class session will not be eligible for refund or credit.