Pure Ethanol Extraction

$35 / lb of plant material

We offer large scale ethanol extraction using 100% pure food grade ethanol in batches as small as 90 lbs and as large as 300 lbs per wash. In this extraction method the plant material is de-carboxylated, "activating" the essential oil compounds before extraction takes place. The extracted material is then washed, winterized, and filtered several times the result is an incredibly clean and pure full spectrum hemp oil that can be used in many products and applications or can be further distilled or separated.


Cold Extraction


We offer small batch cold extraction at -30 C in loads as small as 30lbs and as large as 160 lbs. This method not only reduces the amount of chlorophyll, plant waxes and impurities that are pulled off during the extraction process but also preserves the essential oil compounds against thermal degradation. Additionally this process tends to result in increased yields in cannabinoid carboxylic acids.


Fractional Distillation


We have a large scale fractional distillation system that allows us to distill and re-condense specific essential oil compounds from extracted material at molecular purity levels. This is an extract refining process that results in 99+% pure essential oils removing even trace levels of impurities and Volatile Organic Compounds.


High Purity Isolation


We can isolate individual compounds from high purity distilled extracts. Through a rigorous process of crystallization, and purification we are able to carefully crystallize organic essential oil compounds at extraordinarily high purity levels (99%+) of these individual compounds for use in many specific health and wellness applications.


Digital and Chromatographic Separation


Although we do not currently offer Digital or Chromatographic Separation services it is technology that we are eagerly exploring. If this is something that you are interested in please contact us.


Sub-critical/supercritical CO2 Extraction


We will be offering large scale Supercritical CO2 extraction services starting in January of 2018. If you are interested in having some or all of your material processed using supercritical CO2 extraction contact us to schedule this service today.


Innovative Services

Engineering the future

We are working hard to develop and refine the best practices for extracting and purifying the essential oil compounds in the hemp plant and are constantly experimenting with new technologies and collaborating with equipment manufacturers, other hemp companies and research organizations to further the field and develop cutting edge technology.




Please contact us to discuss your extraction needs. Discounts offered on large production orders. We are able to offer processing for trade on a case by case basis.